Abdul Hamid-Prashant Kshirsagar

This box has been made by sourcing Grade A produce from two amazing farmers. Prashant Kshirsagar is a grape grower from Nashik. He is one of the star farmers on the FarmerUncle platform. He supplies grapes to FarmerUncle Family during season. He selects chemical residue free grapes grown on his GAP approved farm, to sun dry them. One of the best raisins you can have. Abdul Hamid is a small time farmer from Sopore. HIs family has been growing and collecting almonds for couple of generation. Abdul is sending us Kashmiri Giri, one of the best Almonds in the country.

The Raisin – Naturally Sun Dried Raisins
The Almond – Grade A chemical residue free Kashmiri Giri

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