Grapefruit - Rio Red

by M S Bedi
Fun Facts

Brinder S Sandhu

Be Nazir Farms

WhyFarmer Uncle

  • Handpicked and curated farmers to ensure that you get only the best quality produce.

  • It's Harvest Fresh : No one delivers fruits fresher than farmers selling directly via FarmerUncle.

  • It’s a transparent model. Both the farmer and the consumer know what they pay and what the farmer makes.

  • FarmerUncle is the only model that allows you to track where & when your fruit was harvested.

  • When farmers make more, they send you the best. The only model which openly tells you what the farmer makes.

  • DragonFruit

    by Joseph Tharappel
  • Joseph Tharappel

    Tharappel Farms
  • Siddharath Tewari

    Richola Farms


  • What is Farmer Uncle

    FarmerUncle is the coolest online platform which helps you create relationships with farmers from across the country.

    When you know who grows your fruit, there is no way you can go wrong.

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  • Mangosteen

    by Joseph Tharappel
  • Know MoreFAQs

    Farmer Uncle is different than any other model which is there in the market today. We are not an Online Fruit store. We are a platform which is enabling consumers to buy directly from growers of their produce. Providing maximum freshness, traceability & transparency, we aim to revolutionize the way consumers buy produce in the city.

  • 2000+Users

  • 150+Farms

  • 100+Products

  • 35000+Deliveries Made

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