What is FarmerUncle?

FarmerUncle is an Online Farmer’s Market that allows you to pre-order fresh produce from farmers across the country and have it delivered to your doorstep in the shortest possible time from tree to door. We allow you to be a part of the farmer’s special, concentrated, and loyal customer base for their all-natural produce. This allows you to know the exact source of your food, when it was harvested, and also have the option of asking the farmer any question you may have regarding that produce. Through our last-mile-delivery channel, we ensure that the produce reaches you fresh and ready to eat, a maximum 4-5 days from the day of harvest. In short, we’re the only platform in India with a “Farmer to You” model.

How is FarmerUncle different from other platforms?

What kind of farmers are there on FarmerUncle, & what’s the difference between an organic farmer and a chemical residue-free farmer?

Does my buying from the farmer directly benefit me?

Does my buying from the farmer benefit him?

If I’m buying directly from the farmer, why isn’t it cheaper?

What is stopping the Indian farmers from selling directly to me?

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